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If you love vintage bicycles and live in the Boston area, you are most welcome to join us. To become a part of the community, simply drop us a line.

There are no membership fees or obligations in joining the  Boston Retro Wheelmen. The one thing we ask, is that you please follow this short and reasonable set of guidelines:

Use of Images
All images we post on this website give credit to the photographer(s). You are welcome to use our images for non-commercial purposes, if in doing so you include these credits and a direct link to this website.

Taking Photos
When taking pictures at our events, please be sure to ask members for permission before taking their photo, and also before displaying it online (on your blog, flickr account, or elsewhere).

Please respect the privacy of our members. For a variety of reasons, some members choose not to post their names on bicycle-related websites and instead use nicknames. We ask that you do the same when referring to these members online – be it on blogs, forums, or other forms of public communication.

Thanks for your understanding.

2 Responses to “Join Us”

  1. Stephen Goss says:

    Could I be included in a mailing list of your updates?
    A little about myself: currently riding a ’71 Raleigh 3-speed Sports “Glider” just about year round from the Union Square area to Back Back each work day.
    Interested in riding, fixing and learning about all sorts of vintage bicycles.

  2. bostonretrowheelmen says:

    Hello Steve. There is no mailing list, per se, for Boston Retro Wheelman. Simply set your blog reader to follow this blog, and whenever we have an event we’ll post it to the blog… usually about a week in advance.

    I ride through Union most days… usually with a stop at Bloc 11!

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