The Boston Retro Wheelmen is a communal project. We have no president or leader per se, but we do have points of contact. At the moment these are as follows:

General inquiries:
Inquiries regarding the Boston Vintage Bicycle Photo Archive:
Please also feel free to leave comments directly on this website.

4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. keith kerrigan says:

    Sounds like a good club you’re starting.Unfortunatly my 49 tandem is in pieces right now (relacing back wheel)so i will definitely see you at your next meet up

  2. bostonretrowheelmen says:

    a 1949 tandem? sounds interesting! can’t wait to see it at the next meet!

  3. Hi Greg,

    I am trying to recruit bike riders for Beyond the Bike 2011, an event that will mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, when co-founder Susan Retik’s husband was killed on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center. Beyond the Bike is a signature fundraising event of Beyond the 11th – a foundation dedicated to imparting the widows of Afghanistan with entrepreneurial skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty and oppression.

    Would you consider writing a post on it?

    Thank you so much,
    Olivia Mahler-Haug

  4. Drew says:

    Hi guys, hope you can lend an idea on where I can find the frame number on a what I believe to be a Nottingham Raleigh Sports (somewhere between 1950 and 1970).

    The on detail on the bike that makes me think it is in the 50’s camp is the brake cable housing is ribbed.

    But, I have looked high and low for the number – no luck. Any guidance?

    Age aside, it is a great ride. So much better in many ways than the old bianci it replaced.


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