The Boston Retro Wheelmen is an informal society for the appreciation and preservation of vintage bicycles, with a focus on Roadsters, 3-Speeds, Randonneurs, Porteurs and other classics.

Our Activities
The goal of the Boston Retro Wheelmen is to hold organised activities and to facilitate communications between members. Activities include regular club meetings, hands-on workshops on various aspects of repair and restoration, group rides and other social events.

In addition, our hope is to function as a resource for our members. This includes connecting individuals in the Boston area who are interested in vintage bicycles, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between members, providing a space for meetings between individual members for club-related activities, and maintaining publicly accessible information and image archives.

How to Join
We welcome all owners of vintage bikes in the Boston area. In some cases, modern bicycles are acceptable. It is really the spirit of the thing that interests us. If you wish to become a member or have related inquiries, pleaseĀ contact us.

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  1. Frank Cava says:


    I’m interested in joining your club. I have a 60’s Phillips 3 speed that needs some quality ride time.


    Frank Cava

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