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Somerville Bicycle Swap Meet of 2010

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Today was the Bicycle Swap Meet of 2010 held in Olive Square, Somerville, Mass. It was organised by Metro Pedal Power with Electric City Cycles. Present were ANT Bicycle’s Mike Flanigan and many others with tables full of bike components, frames and complete bikes set up along-side the fence. I saw tons of hidden bike goodies just waiting to swap owners.
Mike Flanigan brought his new Porteur frames, complete with a front basket, his own bottom bracket-mounted chain case and low trail fork geometry designed to carry front loads. Here they are with Mr. ANT behind them:
There were some really nice goodies that–sadly–I had to pass up on, including a brand new SON hub, an Edelux light and a Dura Ace bar-end shifter kit for less money than I am willing to admit on here. Ugh. Why am I always down to food money when the time comes for swap meets? There were several tables like this one, with–if you know what to look for–better bargains than I’ve seen online or in bike stores anywhere:
In addition to bike parts, there was a miniature vegetable market set up and a truck full of electric bikes, several racks of clothing all amidst a chaotic atmosphere with people coming and going in groups. The commuter rail train would suddenly appear in the background under the bridge (so close to us!) and rattle the square. I would guess 100 to 150 people showed up and briskly picked out the goodies among the junk piles. The best items were gone quickly, but I did not see many frames or complete bikes sold. Perhaps people were more interested in bargain components.
I counted half a dozen ANT bikes in addition to Mike’s own, some of which I’ve seen ridden around Boston before and a few I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting. Fellow cyclists who I didn’t know were ANT owners brought theirs to the swap meet for some show and tell–thank you! I’ve seen this couple of ANT bikes around on local trails:
It was a great swap meet. I hope to be better prepared for the next one. I did manage to grab one item: Nitto Rando bars, the price was just too good to pass up. I have a few more pictures of the event on Flickr.