Cape Cod and Away

It is summer and time for a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Whether a weekend or a week we have a suggestion for you, yours and your trusty three, ten or twenty-one speed.

Take a trip to the Cape.

Last we checked, all you need is your bike and a saddle bag or two.

And we checked pretty recently. Our good friends, and contributors to BRW, Kyle & Megan toured Cape Cod last month for a long weekend. They started from P’town and ended in Sandwich using the ferry and bus to get from Boston and back. They both rode three speeds and had a wonderful trip.
Family Biking – Cape Cod

One of the more challenging aspects of bike touring on the Cape is getting a single night reservation, so you can continue on your tour the next day. Hosteling International Cape Cod will accommodate that touring aspect for you. Hostels are one of the few places in the Cape where you can reserve a bed, and sometimes even a room, for only one night.

Hosteling was started in the US during the 30’s with bicycling in mind. So, the five hostels on the Cape are all within a comfortable days bike ride between them. Obviously you would need to take the ferry to get to the Nantucket or Vineyard hostels.

Hosteling Cape Cod just finished a competition showing how easy it is to bike the Cape by hostel. Check out the video:

Hopefully you’ll get out to the Cape if so, take photos and let us know.

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