BRW group meet, ride and workshop: Sunday June 20

Join us this Sunday, June 20th, for our 3rd Boston Retro Wheelmen group meet. This meet is going to be something of a departure from, and expansion of, the first two meets: this one will include Wheelmen’s first group ride, followed by our first hands-on workshop! The theme? Wheel truing! Need your wheels trued? Want to learn how to do it yourself? We’ll provide the truing stand, spoke wrenches and hands-on instruction to turn anyone into a pro in no time. You bring your wheel… and if you don’t feel like using the wheels you depend on daily as guinea pigs, Cycler might have some old salvaged wheels on hand to practice on.

Of course, you might have no interest in learning how to true your wheels. In that case, just come for a leisurely ride, talk shop with vintage bike fanatics, or simply show your your vintage ride (and ogle others’).

We’ll meet starting around 9:30 am at Peet’s Coffee, Harvard Square (corner of Mt. Auburn and JFK streets). There’s plenty of lawn space for the bikes and benches for hanging out while we coffee up.

Around 10:15 we’ll depart on a leisurely ride heading out of the square toward Fresh Pond, maybe working our way around the pond or around nearby Mt. Auburn Cemetery, and return to Peet’s around 11:15 to re-fuel and catch up with anyone else who wants to meet just for the workshop.

Back at Peet’s, we’ll head to Cycler’s house, just a few blocks away. Cycler has graciously offered her back yard for the wheel truing workshop. We’ll wrap up around 1:00.

Looking forward to seeing you and your vintage rides!

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