First BRW Meet-Up

Last Saturday night, was the first informal get-together of the Boston Retro Wheelmen. Pictured above are somervillain, Cycler and Astroluc.

Somervillain has a beautiful collection of vintage bicycles and is the resident DL-1 Guru.

Cycler is the author of Biking in Heels and an owner of two vintage bikes: a recently acquired Raleigh DL-1 and a European “frankenbike” of unknown pedigree.

Astroluc is the author of “Hack Artist Extraordinaire …who also likes bikes”. He commutes around Boston year-round, reporting all sorts of fascinating local sightings on his blog.

And this is me on the right – the author of Lovely Bicycle

We are still fleshing out ideas about the club and it’s moving along nicely. Next time we look forward to meeting several others who could not make it to this meeting. Stay tuned, and get in touch with us if you’d like to take part!

3 Responses to “First BRW Meet-Up”

  1. dan pugatch says:

    you should join forces with us the Boston Three Speed Club and do joint rides/meetups and what not. I know the 3 speed club’s focus is internal hub bikes but alot of us ride retro other bikes too!

  2. bostonretrowheelmen says:

    i’d love to get involved in the 3-speed club… i had to miss the last tweed ride, but i plan to do the upcoming one! i also think the focuses of our clubs are complementary, as retrowheelmen seems to be more about preservation, restoration, hands-on DIY, and general appreciation of vintage bikes. we should definitely explore ideas on creating synergy!

    will we see you this saturday?

  3. dan pugatch says:

    wish I could make it but im working saturday 930-630 🙁 -dan